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Traversing Sri Lanka

Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka lies in Southern Asia. Situated in the south of India, Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean. 

The country has seduced travelers for years. Marco Polo called it the supreme island of its size in the world, with the sequential waves of Indian, Arab and European merchants and adventurers congregated to its palm-fringed coasts, fascinated by reports of exotic spices, exquisite gemstones and elephants. 

Poised above the Equator amidst the mild waters of the Indian Ocean, its fabulous natural beauty has inspired many. Romantically motivated geographers, poring over maps, compare its shape to a teardrop falling from the Indian tip or to the form of an exquisite pearl. 

Sri Lanka brings together an astonishing variety of places to holiday within its tiny confines, and few islands of analogous size can brag a natural milieu of such attractiveness and diversity. Lapped by the Indian Ocean, the coastline is decked with tranquil – and often pleasingly virgin – beaches, while the interiorl boasts a convincing diversity of landscapes stretching from wildlife-opulent low-lying jungles, home to widespread populations of elephants, leopards and rare bird species, to the hazy heights of the hill country, enveloped in tidily trimmed tea plantations. 

Other than the natural attractions that captivate tourists across the globe, the island country has many man-made charms. It boasts of more than two thousand years of chronicled history, and the notable accomplishments of the early Sinhalese civilization. 

The splendors of this primary Buddhist evolution endure to offer a yardstick of national uniqueness for the Sinhalese population. Moreover, the country’s momentous role as the world’s oldest division of Theravada Buddhism imparts it an exceptional traditional distinctiveness that infuses life at every level. 

Famous Quotes:

“The finest island of its size in the world and the island to visit in a lifetime” by Marco Polo

“It may be well that each of Sri Lanka’s attractions is surpassed somewhere on Earth…but I find it hard to believe that there is any country which scores so highly in all departments”, by Sir Arthur C Clarke 

Interesting facts About Sri Lanka

It is known the Pearl of the Indian Ocean owing to its shape.

Shaking ones head from side to side with a little twist actually means Yes.

The national game of Sri Lanka is Volleyball but cricket is rules the hearts of locals. 

Sri Lanka is one of world’s largest tea exporters.

Its national flag is said to be the oldest flag in the world.

It has 11 universities and a literacy rate of 92%. 

Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka is the most consecrated mountain.  

Yala National Park 

Though Sri Lanka has many good National Parks like the Horton’s Plains, Bundala and Udawalawe covering vast areas of the island country Yala National Park is the one place wherein you can spot various species of animals including leopards, elephants and varied types of birds. It provides visitors with a very calming and peaceful atmosphere to appreciate the animals wandering in natural surroundings.


This is the ancient capital and is close to Sigiriya and Dambulla. It is full of Buddhist monument and ruins like temples, monasteries and sculptures. It is incredible to walk around and relish the atmosphere virtually unobstructed by other visitors.


A marvelous impressive Lion Rock rising around 200 metres above a woody plain. Though the ascent can be a bit taxing but the views are fully worth the pain taken and you will be spellbound by the rock carvings. 


As it happens to be the “the teardrop of India” Sri Lankan food has many resemblances to Southern India and that clearly reflects in the food as well. Though fish predominately rules the menus other delicacies offer great diversity and you can choose from delightful meat curries and other vegetarian dishes to entice the appetite. 


Sri Lanka is rich with all kinds of wildlife and interestingly the species are not just confined to the national parks. Even if you are not an avid animal lover, the diversity offered here will lure you towards exploring it deeply.

Southern Beaches 

Your trip to Sri Lanka can never be complete without a visit to the coastline. You will marvel at the beauty and the prominence the ocean holds for the people. Be it a dawn visit or a fishing village, or enjoying the sunset , this island paradise is simply great. 

Kandy & the Tea Plantations 

Sri Lanka is the largest tea exporter and the quality you get here is simple outstanding. As the heat at times can be hard to ber, you’ll enjoy an escape to the highlands of the interior. Whether it is sipping Ceylon Tea freshly brought from the Nuwara Eliya plantations or a visit to the Buddhist Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, the experience would be magical.


The Dutch fort at Galle, situated on the southern tip, is a pleasing example of the colonial heritage that still exists today. You will find number of Old Dutch and English style homes inside the fort area. 


Unawatuna has bee voted as one of the finest beaches in the world, it is not too far from Galle. You can relax alongside the golden beaches with its rich, quiet waters and an offshore reef. It is indeed a perfect way to culminate a perfect trip!

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is home to the world’s largest group of captive pachyderms, from regal old tuskers to the prettiest of newborns. If you are fond of elephants then this place is surely the best one to pay a visit to.

Sri Lankan culture has been swayed by many factors, but has succeeded to hold much of its primeval features. Commonly, it has been influenced by its ancient history and its Buddhist legacy. 

Language: There are many languages spoken in Sri Lanka in the Indo-Aryan, Dravidian and Austronesian clans. The country has given official status to Sinhala and Tamil. The languages spoken here are deeply inclined by the languages of neighbouring countries like India, Maldives and Malaysia. English is however commonly spoen and the language of business.

Religion: It is a multi-religious society. Though Buddhism is the chief religion, other religions like Hinduism, Christianity and Islam too are practiced here. Nearly 70% of the population here follows Buddhism. Hinduism is chiefly practiced by Tamils who racially belong to South India. Muslims cover 7% of the population. Christianity first came here upon the onset of the Portuguese in the 16th century.

Food: The cuisine in Sri Lanka is one of the most multifaceted cuisines of South Asia. Due to its nearness to South India, the cuisine displays some inspiration, yet is quite dissimilar. Rice is the main dish while spiced curries are preferred dishes for lunch and dinner. A few of the Sri Lankan dishes show remarkable similarity to Kerala cuisine, which is basically because of parallel geographic and agricultural features with that of Kerala. 

Clothing: Women normally wear a sari, also recognized as Kandyan Sari as the traditional clothing. Sinhalese girls dress in half saree, a cloth and jacket. Sinhalese men wear Sarong and shirt called the Baniyama. Tamil men wear patta vetty comprising of a shirt and a long cloth wrapped around their waist.

Customs and celebrations: Owing to its long history, and the multicultural society it is, Sri Lanka celebrates a comprehensive variety of festivals, rituals and events. On April 13th Sinhala and Tamil people celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival annually, and Muslims honour Ramadan. Esala Perahera is the splendid festival of the full moon held in Kandy. Celebrated in July or August, it has become an exceptional symbol of the country. It is a Buddhist commemoration comprising of dances and opulently ornamented elephants.

Population: 21, 575, 038

Capital City: Colombo

Language: Sinhala and Tamil and English

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee

Major Airports: Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo), Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (Hambantota)

Local Transport: Sri Lankan transportation is basically based on road transport and the locals here mainly commute by bus. 

Best Time to Travel: Depending upon the weather in different regions, the travel time must be planned as per the destination state.

  • Be thoughtful of the country’s customs, traditions, beliefs and culture.
  • Dress humbly and respectfully. Make sure to stay covered from shoulders to knees, particularly when entering the places of worship.
  • Always dispose of the litter considerately, including cigarette butts.
  • When negotiating at markets,  be polite, respectful and maintain a sense of humor. 
  • Learn some local words and phrases and don't be scared to use it - humble greetings will break the ice.
  • Refrain from using businesses that abuse or misuse endangered animals.
  • Seek permission before taking photographs of people, including children. Photography of people with Buddha statues is prohibited and considered offensive.

Sri Lanka: Pride of Asia

Specialities of Sri Lanka at a glance

Settled in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, Sri Lanka offers you divinity and nature's tender care. The tropical island of Sri Lanka is among the very few places offering travellers an incredible blend of exotic landscapes, spotless beaches, misty mountains and an enthralling cultural heritage. Other than the smiles and hospitality of Sri Lankans, its piquant cuisine also contribute to its uniqueness. Vividly surrounded by diverse cultures, Sri Lanka turns host to number of festivities in a year making itself an ideal place for fun and leisure. It is home to 6 world heritage sites : Galle, Anuradhapura, Kandy, Polonnaruva, Sigiriya and Dambulla. Plan an exotic holiday choosing one of Travel Talk‘s exciting Sri Lanka tours.

Prime Destinations:

Colombo: The capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo is a big city, commercial centre and a major port. Right from beautiful markets to gardens and beachfront suburbs, Colombo is a bustling metropolis on a growth spurt. It has plenty of cultural and historical attractions in places such as Fort, Cinnamon Gardens and Pettah. Don’ miss the old parliament, Independence Building, the National Museum, Old churches and temples once you land here.

Nuwara Eliya: Nicknamed as Little England, as its architecture mimics an English town, Nuwara Eliya is known a an exotic hill resort. It offers some breathtaking scenic beauty and a comfortable climate. It is also the epicentre of the Tea growing country for which this island is now world famous.

Anuradhapura: The remains of Anuradhapura are regarded as one of South Asia’s most reminiscent sights. It owns a significant collection of archaeological and architectural wonders: humongous dagobas, age old pools and crumbling temples. Many of these sites today serve  as divine places for worship and religious fervour. Witness life in a monastery and view the holy Bo-tree grown from a sapling from the original tree in India that the Lord Buddha sat under to attain enlightenment.

The journey to Sri Lanka doesn't end with these names. There is a lot more Sri Lanka has to offer to its visitors. Travel Talk brings to you a wide range of packages for holidays in Sri Lanka from which you can choose one meeting your needs.

We also offer special tour packages to India and many holiday packages for India.

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Thank you for arranging a fantastic tour of Sri Lanka for us. You have always looked after our travel needs very well, but you clearly have a great knowledge and expertise when it comes to touring Sri Lanka and we definitely benefited from this. We were very well looked after by our driver Denver who was at the airport on our arrival and made sure we were looked after the whole time until our departure. He was a very safe and good driver and a wealth of information during the tour. The hotels we were booked into and the attractions we visited were all first class. We of course took many photos, but I attach one which is particularly good. It is of us having an elephant ride, just before the elephant squirted me with water. We would have no hesitation in recommending that our friends contact you to arrange their next holiday in Sri Lanka, and would love to get back there again as soon as we can. Regards

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