Tips for buying Travel Insurance

Sep 22, 2012

 Traveling is exciting and there is nothing like spending some quality time with your family. Whether you are traveling overseas or in your own country, along or with your family, you always hope to have a great time.

 You want to enjoy adventurous sports such as bungee jumping, ski diving as well as photography, enjoying great food etc. To ensure that we have a great time, we carry precious articles like laptops, camera, I-phones, ornaments etc. Life is all about uncertain events, good as well as bad. While traveling you may not want to be bothered by these uncertainties and that's why you must have travel insurance to cover all these uncertainties.

Many Australians believe that one requires travel insurance only if he indulges in adventurous sports. Many Aussies also believe that you do not need travel insurance, if you are traveling to a country or place that is considered safe. It is usually a misconception that invites troubles while traveling. Medical costs in countries like USA, Japan and Canada are very high and in case of a medical emergency, it can cost a fortune. It is just not confined to medical emergency. If you are carrying articles like camcorder, laptop which more often that not every traveler does, you may want to cover your articles. 

There are so many insurance companies offering travel insurance in the market; however, you need to be careful while purchasing a policy. 


Here are few tips you can refer to before you purchase travel insurance:- 

1.Type of insurance:- If your son is going overseas for studies, he will need a different cover than the cover that you will need while you holiday in Sri Lanka. You need a cover with benefits of cancellation and delay cover. 
2. Travel destination:- This is very important because medical costs are different in each country. As aforesaid, USA and Canada are very expensive in terms of medical costs. 
3.Medical condition:- Many insurance policies cover pre-existing medical condition while some charge an extra premium for serious pre existing medical condition. 
4.Your age:- Age is a vital point to consider. Premium are usually according to age. Aged people are charged a little extra, because they face health related issues more than young people. Although, it cannot be denied that many old aged people are fitter than those half their age. It is advised to ask reasons for high premium to ensure you are not being ripped off.
5.Your travel plans:- What are you gonna do on holiday? Are you gonna get bungee jump or ski dive? If  yes, you must surely consider the risk involved while buying travel insurance. 
For FAQs on travel insurance, visit our Travel Insurance FAQs page.


By Andre Rasquinha

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