South America Tour on Christmas

Dec 26, 2012

 They say if you have not travelled to South America, you have not travelled. Varied geography, must  watch destinations, colourful culture, people and customs, all make it a place worth visiting at least once in life and if you do it on Christmas, you should thank yourself for that thought. 

South America is a must visit place during Christmas, so let's see how Christmas is celebrated in this continent. 


Brazilians love to celebrate Christmas with their friends and family. You will see lively evenings with fireworks all over the sky in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brasilia. Christmas celebration includes wine and dine as well as special gifts. Since Brazil is a large country from people of different cultures, it is quite evident the way Christmas is celebrated here. Unlike many other Christian countries, Santa Claus is not as popular.   Father Christmas is known as Papa Noel in this part of the world. Christmas food is turkey, ham, pork, chicken and coloured rice served with beer. 
South America tour is incomplete without visiting Mexico. Mexican Christmas includes as many as 30 traditions which is due to secular customs. These customs are a blend of traditions handed down from Native American and European progenitors. You can also see a rising influence of American culture on their traditions. People go from door to door like parents of baby Jesus looking for shelter. This procession is known as La Posada in Mexico. Gifts are given to Children in Central and Southern Mexico on Christmas Eve as well as on 6th January when feast of epiphany is celebrated. Christmas traditions are known as Las Posadas in Mexico. 
Christmas is celebrated with exuberance in Venezuela. Venezuelans offer an early morning prayer between 16th and 24th December. This is an “Early Morning Mass”. Gaita Music is traditional Christmas music which is played on many instruments. Traditional Christmas food is 'Hallacas' which is a mixture of raisins, olives, beef, pork, capers and chicken. St. Nicholas and Baby Jesus bring gifts for kids.
Christmas arrives in summer in Argentina and festivities start very early. Most of the population in Catholic in Argentina, so Advent is celebrated as well. Advent is four Sundays prior to Christmas. Advent is a Latin word which means coming. It depicts the time before Jesus's birth. Houses are beautifully decorated and 'pesebre' (nativity scene) is also put next to the Christmas tree. Christmas Bread, puddings, roasted pork and stuffed tomatoes are cooked and also served. Spanish is mainly spoken in Argentina, so they say 'Feliz Navidad' to wish each other, which means 'Merry Christmas'.
So, plan your South America Tour and get ready for an unforgettable experience. 


By Andre Rasquinha

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Firstly a big thank you to you for organizing our holiday (to India). Andrea and I were very impressed with the set up .

Jason McDonnell, Albury (VIC)







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