Tips for a Comfortable Holiday in Sri Lanka

Jan 28, 2013

 Sri Lanka is known to leave visitors with an unforgettable experience, especially  first time visitors. Tourists are struck with the abundance of beauty this part of the world is endowed with.

 Beautiful Island Beach in Sri LankaUndoubtedly, this beautiful island is no less than a precious gem on the world map and it is no wonder that every year more tourists come to holiday in Sri Lanka. Cheap flights to Colombo are available with many airlines offering specials aroun the $1000 mark, so the only thing you need to do is plan your holidays in Sri Lanka in advance and get ready for a great experience.

Here are some tips to help you know more about Sri Lanka which will make your sojourn more enjoyable and comfortable.
Weather and clothing:-
Most of the tourists visit Sri Lanka between November- March. Usually, the temperature doesn't fluctuate much and remains around 27 degree Celsius throughout the year. The weather is pleasant during December-March and this is the best time to visit. You can carry light cotton clothes; however, avoid wearing short skirts or sleeveless tops, particularly if you are going to visit religious places during your holiday in Sri Lanka.
The first rule to take care of your health during the tour is to avoid tap water at all costs. Refrain from using ice cubes in drinks. You can get bottled water quite easily. Alternatively, you can use boiled water or UV treated water. Give your digestion system a while to get used to spicy Sri Lankan cuisine. It is advised to eat reasonably for the first few days. Travel Insurance is important. 
If you are a shopaholic, you will love shopping while you holiday in Sri Lanka. Handloom fabrics, reproduction antiques, leather products and jewellery are some items Sri Lanka is well known for and bargains are to be had.
People and Local Authorities:-
Sri Lankans love a chat and are a very hospitable people. Their hospitality will spruce up your Sri Lanka holidays with beautiful memories. English is widely spoken especially in majors towns and cities like Colombo and Kandy and in most of the places frequented by tourists. Even off the beaten track Sri Lankans are welcoming and happy to assist visitors and communication is possible and a rewarding experience. A bit of patience and a sense of humour are invaluable.
These tips will help you have a great time during your holidays in Sri Lanka.  Click here to know more about- cheap flights to colombo.
Happy Holidaying !

By Andre Rasquinha

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