Sensational Sri Lanka - Part 1!

Feb 6, 2013

I’ve just returned from an amazing two week adventure in Sri Lanka. It was my third visit and this time round I’ve fallen in love with this tropical isle. It has a wonderful mix of experiences on offer to enthuse the most demanding traveller…and then some more.

Intangible Cultural HeritageBack in Australia when I mention my trip to friends or clients I get some raised eyebrows, looks of disbelief and often the incredulous “Why would you go there? Aren’t they in the middle of a civil war?”

The war ended in May 2009, more than 3 years ago and Sri Lanka is back where it belongs - on the tourist map. And if the last 6 months are any indication Sri Lanka will soon be in the top 10 exotic destinations in the world. The tourists are returning in droves. I encountered travellers from all parts of the world and more encouragingly families travelling together.

So what was it about Sri Lanka that enamoured and Aussie of Indian heritage like me?

Over the next few weeks I like to share with you “WHY” and tell you about some of the special and memorable experiences I’ve had in Sri Lanka.


Author: Andre Rasquinha

Andre Rasquinha manages Travel Talk Holidays a division of Travel Talk specialising in personalised tours, escorted adventures, cruise and holidays. He recently escorted our small group 14 night adventure to Sri Lanka tour and hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Hopefully getting him to write this series will give the rest of us a break………..

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By Andre Rasquinha

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