Sensational Sri Lanka - Part 3!

Mar 5, 2013

Climate: Beach weather all year round!

It’s raining cats and dogs in Colombo on the west coast but head off to Tricomalle (or Trinco to the locals) on the east coast (300km away) and it’s dry as a bone and perfect beach weather.

Fabulous Food - Nice Bowl of Rice with a Coconut Laced Fish Curry

The ocean is a sheet of turquoise blue and the mercury is sitting at 30 degrees. This is the wonder of Sri Lanka. Even though the country is just the size of Tasmania (or Ireland) its tropical location and the mountains at its centre create two pretty distinct climatic zones.

The south and west coast get their main rainfall between May and October while in the North and East the wet season is Nov-Jan. So you are pretty much assured of a beach holiday any time you travel to Sri Lanka.

The central highlands have a more temperate climate due to the higher altitudes. Great for escaping from the heat if required. All within a half days drive.

Fabulous Food

One my first visit to Sri Lanka we stopped at a local restaurant and decide to order a curry  and rice. I was looking forward to a nice bowl of rice with a coconut laced fish curry and some papadums to tuck into. Boy! Was I in for a shock? 10 minutes later the waited rocked in with the rice and fish curry and 3 more dishes. We were just getting over this when a second waiter off-loaded a further tray full of bowls on to the table a total of 12 different items. Sri Lankans love their food and by the end of that trip I did too.

The wonderful tropical climate provides the island with the freshest of ingredients and its not all curry and rice. The country’s location on the major sea trading routes for centuries has seen Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, African, Arab and English influences in the culinary variety.

Hotels here offer jaw-dropping spreads for all 3 meals and the variety of fruit and vegetables on offer is a Chef’s culinary dream.

By Andre Rasquinha

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Firstly thank you for a wonderful and enjoyable trip. Needles to say a lot went into organizing the trip a job very well done. Right from the time we landed in Delhi it was a very good feeling and the feeling remained right upto the drop of at Udaipur.

Ram Mohan

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