Travelling To India Next Week

Apr 2, 2013

 Belated Easter Greetings. I'm sure you've all used the loooong weekend to travel or catch up with family. Our staff travelled to Phillip Island, Northern Territory, Fiji and Sri Lanka!

Great Indian Travel Bazaar in JaipurI head off to India next week to attend The Great Indian Travel Bazaar (Jaipur) and do some travelling while I am there. This year I hope to bring some of my experiences to you live via FB.

My travel this year has a theme - Wild India.

I will visit many national parks as I make my way from Mumbai to Delhi. I hope you will join me on my journey.

Over the next few days I'll share my itinerary and some pics from previous trips.

This picture of a little boy was taken in a village near Jodhpur, Rajasthan (West India). The black marks around the eye is Kohl (eyeliner). I love this picture - the big eyes neither smiling or sad - inquisitive. The "dirty" face - weather-beaten, dried mucous stains yet captivating. The boy hails from the Bishnoi Tribe - one of the oldest eco-conservationist tribes in India. They're semi-nomadic herdsmen and protectors of wild-life. and unlike most of the people of Rajasthan are vegetarian. It is not unusual to find Blackbuck, Thompsons Gazelle and Great Indian Antelope (Nilgai) close to where they live.

- Andre Rasquinha


By Andre Rasquinha

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We really enjoyed our tour and we will have no hesitation whatsoever in organizing all our future holidays through you.

S Williams, Melbourne







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