Day 3 of my Trip to India

Apr 13, 2013

Jackpot! Day 3 of my trip in India.After a brief stopover in Mumbai I boarded an early morning flight to Nagpur

Tadoba National Park -  Reserve for Royal TigerDay 3 of my trip in India. After a brief stopover in Mumbai I boarded an early moring flight to Nagpur - considered the central point of India - and from there a 3 hour drive to Tadoba.

I couldn't have asked for a better start for the Wildlife part of my tour. The evening safari netted spotted deer, langur, monkeys, a pack of wild dogs (Dhol), a sloth bear in the middle of the road, a family of India Bison (Gaur) and 2 hours with a family of tigers.

Papa (Scarface M8) and daughter Lara for most of that time and then Sonam and Geeta for about 10 minutes playing in the middle of the road. Mum Madhuri and daughter Mona were missing. 200 pics taken.

I'm trying to post one of Sonam as I drive between Tadoba and Pench. Promise to follow up with some more when I have a strong internet connection.

--Andre Rasquinha

By Andre Rasquinha

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