Places to Visit During Holidays in Sri Lanka- Part 1

Jun 26, 2013

Described as “The finest island of its size” by Marco Polo- a renowned merchant traveller from Venice, 

Sri Lanka has been captivating for travellers since centuries. Known for its spices, scenic beauty, wild life and precious stones, this island was given a name by Arab traders- serendib which even led to a new English word- serendipity which means finding something pleasant by accident.

Here are few of the top places to visit during holidays in Sri Lanka-

Anuradhapura- Anuradhapura is known for many attractions. Sri Maha Bodhiya also known as Bodhi Tree is one of them. Bodhi Tree, a fig tree is believed to be the oldest surviving tree on earth. This tree was brought to Anuradhapura by the daughter of King Ashoka in 249 BC. This ancient city was the first capital of Sri Lanka and remained so between 380 BC and 10th Century AD. UNESCO has classed Anuradhapura as a world heritage site.

Sigiriya- Your holidays in Sri Lanka are incomplete without experiencing Sigiriya. The grandeur of Sigiriya is marked by the Lion Mountain which was once the palace of King Kasyapa. Built in 5 century AD, this was built on a 200 m high rock. Beautiful and mysterious paintings of bare breast maidens can be seen half way up the rock. Lion's head once used to be the entrance of this fantastic complex, but it doesn't exist now. Now only huge paws of the lion can be seen. The Lion Mountain should have been classified as the eight wonder of the world, for which a proposal has been made now.

Lion Mountain - Palace of King KasyapaKandy- Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Kandy's majestic beauty is captivating. No wonder that it happens to be the most visited city in Sri Lanka. Also known for holding the sacred tooth relic of The Lord Buddha, this city is an incredible blend of beauty and diversity.  

By Andre Rasquinha

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