Places to Visit During Holidays in Sri Lanka- Part 2

Jul 8, 2013

In previous post we discussed about few of the must see places in Sri Lanka.

Endless beauty, warm people, nice food, so many places to explore and much more- makes this island worthy to be on your bucket list.

In this post we continue to write about other magical places of Sri Lanka-

Colombo- Colombo once used to cater to trading requirements, is now Sri Lanka's commercial capital. The Dutch used it as a hub port and developed it into what it is today. The British also contributed to develop it into a major port. Colombo is a strange blend of the old and the new. Pleasantly strange, you can find luxurious accommodation in Colombo at a reasonable and affordable price. People are hospitable and their willingness to go an extra mile to help you out will add to your memories of holidays in Sri Lanka.

Must See Places in Colombo-

  • The National Museum
  • Pettah Market
  • Bird watching in Telegama and Attidiya Wetlands
  • Royal Colombo Golf Club
  • Taking in a local or international Cricket match at one of Colombo’s stadiums


The Dutch Fort at GalleGalle- Galle is a truly 'Sri Lanka tailor-made' place. It has something to offer to everyone. The rich heritage of Sri Lanka can be attributed to colonial influences of Portuguese, Dutch and The British. Galle has a good tourism infrastructure. The Dutch Fort- listed as World Heritage is the town's cornerstone. Its construction was initiated by the Portuguese which was later developed by the Dutch. The beaches of Galle are quite popular as well.

Places to Visit in Galle-

  • Galle Literary Festival
  • The Dutch Fort
  • Museums and Curio Shops
  • Unawtuna Beach



Negombo is situated a few kilometres away from North Colombo. The serenity of Negombo beaches is worth experiencing. This was ruled by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. The influence of Dutch and Portuguese is quite evident on Negombo. The Dutch built canals while the Portuguese erected beautiful churches. Sunbathing, fresh sea food, sunsets make this an excellent family holiday destination.

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By Andre Rasquinha

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