Are You a Smart Traveller?

Jul 26, 2013

Australians are travelling overseas in escalating numbers.


Smart Traveller Regardless of your destination proper planning and staying in good health will help you have a comfortable and memorable trip. This is quite important because when you are travelling abroad, you leave Australia's support systems and emergency facilities behind and although the Australian Government does whatever they can to help Australians in case of any emergency while travelling overseas, yet there are practical and legal limits to what could be done. So whether you are up for South America Tour or holidays In Sri Lanka you should consider some very important points. 

Here are few things you should consider before travelling overseas-

Register Your Travel and Contact Details- Do not forget to register your travel and contact details, so that you could be reached in case of any natural calamity, family issue or civil disturbance. The information provided by you is protected by stringent privacy laws. You can also register for latest travel advice to help yourself stay across any big changes to security and safety situation, local laws etc.
Travel Insurance- Many people tempt their fate by not purchasing travel insurance and get themselves into hot water. Medicare doesn't cover overseas travel, so any medical treatment will not be paid by the Australian Government. It is strongly recommended to take travel insurance seriously and read tips for buying travel insurance before you buy one.  
Dual Nationality- Dual nationality refers to citizenship of more than one country. Some countries offer citizenship to those who marry their citizens or to children of parents and grandparents who were born in that country. Dual nationality may prevent you from getting Australian Consular Assistance, if you are travelling to a country that considers you their citizen.
Research and Plan Well in Advance- Research well about the cultural and political environment of the country you are travelling to. You may want to change your plans, if there are any signs of political or civil upheaval. Plan well in advance to avoid any last moment hassles.

By Andre Rasquinha

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The journey I was about to undertake would not only  in geographical terms span vast distances over land and was an odyssey which would cover a period of over four hundred years and one in which I would try to establish a "connection" with my ancestors.

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Firstly a big thank you to you for organizing our holiday (to India). Andrea and I were very impressed with the set up .

Jason McDonnell, Albury (VIC)







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