Handy Travelling Photography Tips

Aug 8, 2013

Photography is a nice way to make your travel memories eternal.

Photography During TravellingHere are few travelling photography tips that will come handy to get the best of photos-

Rise Early- Early to rise, early to bed is not only good for your health, but this habit can also come handy during your sojourn. One hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset are the best times to click  photos you would love to see over and over again. Although, it depends on where you are on the globe, but this rule will help you grab ample of photography opportunities in the golden hours.

Research for Intelligent Images- Research as much as possible about the place you are visiting. Leaving it to chance will not get you the kind of photos you would like to click. The more you know about the place, the more intelligent your photos will be. Are you a smart traveller?

Do your Homework- If you waste your precious time learning how to operate your photography gear, you will miss many opportunities you may never get again. Therefore, do your home work experimenting with lens, flash and camera at home.

Get the Story- The best way to grab amazing photographs is to know about the culture, music and local people. This will help you get the story of the place of your sojourn. You can also speak to local people who can guide you about places that offer photography opportunities galore.

Take your Time- If you are staying at a place for a short duration, you will either not be able to click nice photographs or will end up clicking photographs, missing out the experience. Also, at times leave your camera behind for enjoyable experiences. After-all, that's why you are travelling in the first place.

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By Andre Rasquinha

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Firstly thank you for a wonderful and enjoyable trip. Needles to say a lot went into organizing the trip a job very well done. Right from the time we landed in Delhi it was a very good feeling and the feeling remained right upto the drop of at Udaipur.

Ram Mohan

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