Travelling Tips for Senior Citizens

Aug 25, 2013

Travelling can be quite strenuous as most of the travellers know very well.

Tips for Senior CitizensWhile most of us may groan about squeaky seats and security pat downs, simply navigating an airport may prove strenuous for elderly people, but it shouldn't stop you or your parents from having exotic travel experiences. All you need is proper planning and keeping these useful tips in mind. Take a captain cook-

Research and Plan Ahead: Researching and planning well in advance makes travelling pleasant and comfortable for the elderly. The sooner you enquire and plan about the flight dates, schedule and other arrangements, the better. Ask your travel agent about any special facilities provided to elderly people.

Make Requests When Booking: Make as many requests as possible at the time of booking. If you need a wheelchair, it is a good idea to make a request while booking. Not to say that you will not get one otherwise, but making a request at the time of booking will make things easy for you.

Pre-Medical Check-up: Have a word with your doctor, especially if there are any existing medical conditions. Find out what kind of food should be avoided. Ask for the medicines you need to keep with you all the time. If you are travelling to a place where infectious diseases are present, get yourself vaccinated. Do not forget to carry prescriptions, important medicines and doctor's statements. Place them in the bag in such a way that they are easily accessible.

Pack Light- Are you a smart traveller? Do not get carried away while travelling. The lighter you pack, the more enjoyable your journey will be. Make a list of all essential items well in advance, so that you can eliminate the ones, you will not need. Even if you have asked for wheelchair assistance the airline still expects you will be able to manage your own hand-baggage. 

Safety and Comfort- High traffic travel centres are prone to theft. Do not give any opportunity to thieves. Do not keep your wallet in your back pocket. Rather, keep a hidden wallet properly tucked and secured by a cord.

By Andre Rasquinha

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