Your guide to a healthy travelling experience

Nov 25, 2013

Travelling is indeed a great experience that rejuvenates our body, mind and soul.

However, along with the thrill, it has its share of challenges.

Travelling can be exhausting and tiring at times; hence it is very important that you are prepared so as to enjoy it fully. Whether it is about holidaying in the exotic locations of Sri Lanka or undertaking one of the India tours, give utmost priority to your health and make your journey a memorable guide

To help you with a healthy travelling experience, we have come up with some handy tips. Especially as you plan your Sri Lanka or India tours but also for visits to any other destination;

Research well before your trip: It is very important that you plan your holiday trip as much in advance as possible. Seeking help from the internet, you can easily gather all the required information about the place you are about to visit. If you have shortlisted our Sri Lanka or India tours check for quality restaurants and food cafes. Our travel consultants have visited many of the hot tourist spots and will be able to offer you safe options that are tried and tested.

Keep your snacks handy: There is no harm in keeping some healthy snacks in your travel bag. This will ensure that when you are feeling peckish you are eating the “good stuff” and not high calorie junk food often more easily available.

Drink plenty of water: Try and drink water as much as possible and keep your body hydrated. OnSri Lanka & India tours, must drink plenty of water owing to higher temperatures you'll be experiencing out there. Aim for 2 litres of water a day as a minimum and ensure that it is safe. Bottled water is your best option and check that packaging and seals are intact.

Eat smart while dining out: You’ve probably heard of Delhi Belly. Many travelers do get upset stomachs while traveling in the sub-continent.  The combination of a different food, eating out more often, different climatic temperatures and humidity that they are used to along with bacteria and viruses that are “foreign” to their immune system all result in increasing the chance of catching a stomach –bug while overseas .When on  Sri Lanka or India tours  you'll have countless eating options while dining out. If you are on one of our organized tour your driver or guide will be able to suggest suitable alternatives. Hotel Receptionist and staff can also provide good tips on options available near your accommodation and en-route between destinations. Before you sit down to order an eat assess the place for hygiene ( inside tip – the cleanliness of the toilets are a very good indication) number of customers, food displays and cleanliness and presentation of staff.

Follow this mini guide and be a smart traveler opting for a healthy travelling full of fun.

By Andre Rasquinha

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