Traditional Indian Souvenirs: Gifts To Take Home When Visiting India!

Dec 18, 2013

Traditional Indian Souvenirs: Gifts To Take Home When Visiting India!

A tour to India is always a fabulous way of spending your leisure time in exploring a culture that's renowned in the world for its sheer diversity. And while you opt for cheap airfare to India to travel around, you will come across many of the traditional souvenirs.

Given the vast cultural differences India has, it becomes quite difficult to choose one item that can stand as a memory of your India tour. However, here we can help you in picking the best souvenirs. Check out the list of items you just can't miss buying when you travel booking cheap airfare to India:

Indian tea: There's no beverage as soothing and relaxing like a traditional Indian tea. If you are travelling here booking a cheap airfare to India, visit the tea plantations and emporium. From there you can buy beautifully packaged teas that come in a wide variety.

Incense: It's another choice you can opt to buy from India as the country is known for its incredibly smelling incenses. With a cheap airfare to India, you can come across original scents, hand designed boxes and holders. The incenses will keep your house free from any odour and will help in relaxation.

Classic jewellery: No woman can resist the wonderful sight of traditional jewellery available in every Indian market. If you wish to please the woman in your life, you can buy some classic metal bangles and beaded necklaces blended with both traditional and contemporary look.

Inlaid marble: Yet another classic piece to take home! Though they are a bit expensive but are certainly one of the best traditional souvenirs. You can get a number of things made in marble like mini Taj Mahals, lamps, jewellery boxes and many others.

Traditional wear: When in India, you just can't ignore the magnificent and appealing look of traditional outfits. Be it saris or any other conventional dress form, the woman in your life will surely love it!

Book cheap airfare to India and fill your shopping bags with some outstanding travel souvenirs.

By Andre Rasquinha

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