Relish the variety that is called “rice and curry” on your Sri Lanka Holidays!

Jan 20, 2014

Relish the variety that is called “rice and curry” on your Sri Lanka Holidays!

The lush and rich fauna, shiny beaches and friendly locals have made the continent of Sri Lanka a happening place for visitors from across the globe.

Sri Lanka holidays prove to be a delight from every perspective. Apart from the beautiful locales and a splendid culture, the cuisine of the country also holds a special importance. The people here have a strong liking for vegetables and despite using the same ingredients, they master the art of cooking varied styles creating distinct flavours across the regions.

On your Sri Lanka holidays, you can treat your taste buds to many of the yummy dishes made here. However, as the place has a fairly large community of farmers; rice and curry happens to be the staple food. Most  meals also include dry fish, lefy vegetables along with various vegetable curries. They are even skilled at making mouth-watering sweets using coconut milk and honey. These sweets are mainly made during the cultural festivals like Vesak, Poson and the New Year.

Rice & Curry: Facts about the traditional meal

A simple rice and curry meal on Sri Lanka holidays will consists of an array of up to 12 dishes! one fish, two kinds of vegetables, mango curry, slald, leafy vegetables, spicy additives like sambols, a fried crispy substance like mallum or papadam, a hodda or the gravy of well cooked and spicy coconut milk. It is indeed the most loved recipes among all and the people of the continent that have made it stand distinct in every aspect. While in other countries the curry dishes primarily include fish and the chicken, Sri Lankans have made the dish stand unique using their creativity with fruits and veggies to be the prime ingredient.

How is the meal cooked and served?

Savour the real deal on your Sri Lanka holidays but for now you here is an insight on how it all comes together. Traditionally all meals have rice as a staple. Curries are then made using a main ingredient (meat, fish, vegetable or fruit) and a variety of specific spices and generally finished with coconut milk.. To enhance the taste of the curry, they even add green chilies for spiciness, finely chopped onions, cinnamon sticks, black pepper, cloves, nut meg, saffron and  cardamom. And thus, you get a dish worth relishing! Along with the rice an curry you can expect a variety of accompaniments. A sri Lankan meal is best eaten with your hands – your right hand to be precise. Traditionally a meal is finished with a simple dessert: Creamy thick buffalo milk yogurt (referred to locally as curd) served with lashings of treacle.

Don't forget to enjoy this sumptuous meal and many more delicious cuisines on your Sri Lanka holidays!

By Andre Rasquinha

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