Enjoy a romantic getaway exploring the Indian Paradise!

Jan 27, 2014

Looking for some ways to rekindle that magic?

Or, want to make him/her feel special and loved? Well, if the answer is a big YES...then you for sure need a romantic getaway and nothing can be a better than the majestic land of India.

Bounded by the exotic Himalayan mountain ranges in the north and decorated by an immeasurable extension of pristine beaches, the Indian sub-continent is a delight for travellers and a paradise for lovers. Booking cheap airfares to India, spend some romantic days in the beautiful locales of the nation.

Here are some exciting places you can tour availing cheap airfares to India currently on offer:

Andaman & Nicobar: Known for their outstanding beauty, the green islands of Andaman & are in the Bay of Bengal about halfway between India and Singapore. An ideal romantic destination you can tour booking cheap airfares to India, the place lets you take delight in the marvellous blue sky, glistening beaches, cool blue water and many other natural architects.




Pondicherry: A blend of French colonial culture, tradition, spirituality and the urbane lifestyle, Pondicherry is another romantic destination you would enjoy travelling. Located in Tamil Nadu on the Bay of Bengal coast, it has several scenic beaches and wonderful resorts along with historical monuments and a few of the natural hot spots. It also has the best croissants and café in India and a unique blend of French and Local cuisine referred to as Creole. Not many people know that if it wasn’t for Robert Clive India could have been a French speaking colony…mais oui!


Manali: Blessed with an amazing Himalayan landscape, densely populated forests of thick pine and deodar, ice-capped mountain peaks, blooming fruit orchards and numerous adventure valleys, the hill town of Manali is the most visited honeymoon destination of India. It is no less than a paradise. Book cheap airfares to India and explore Manali availing our exciting tour packages.




Kashmir: "If there is a heaven on earth. This is it. This is it" were the words uttered by Shah Jahan, the emperor of Taj Mahal fame when he visited Kashmir. The incredible beauty of Kashmir is beyond words. This valley of esteemed joy and happiness happens to be the dream destination for all who desire to explore India. When it comes to romance, Kashmir valley has a great deal of picturesque locations sure to take your breath away. Right from the snowy mountains to the alluring apple orchards, everything about the place will leave you mesmerized.


So what are you waiting for! Book the earliest cheap airfares to India and get ready to re-charge your love life!

By Andre Rasquinha

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Thank you so much for organising our trip to India.From our plane landing in Delhi to leaving Kochi we were treated as royalty or so we felt.We felt very safe as we had those two 24hr phone numbers.That was a bonus seeing we were travelling

Shirley and Don Duncan







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