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Exploring Kanyakumari: India’s Exotic Travel Destination!

Apr 16, 2014

Exploring Kanyakumari: India’s Exotic Travel Destination!

India is a traveler’s delight and every place in the country is full of rich culture and vivid tradition. A trip to this marvelous land rejuvenates you.

You can experience all the different geographical features here right from snowy mountains to wide deserts, tropical forests to sand dunes and pristine beaches. The country is well connected to all parts of world and you can avail of our cheap airfares to India.  If you are planning a trip to India and are fond of water, then gear up to explore exotic Kanyakumari, which serves as the southern end of Indian boundary.

Kanyakumari: A place beyond imagination!

Called Cape Comorin during colonial times, Kanyakumari is a place of fable and legend, the meeting point of Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The place has always inspired poets, who drawn by its mystic power and unique beauty have penned a myriad of poems and songs With current cheap airfares to India, you can travel to Kanyakumari via Chennai or Trivandrum. 

Major Attractions 

Wide vistas of ocean greet you on three sides.  The multi-colored sand, wonderful beaches, Thirparappu Waterfalls and an incredible aquatic life form the major attractions out here.

For those in search of spiritualism, history and artistic adventure, Kanyakumari offers numerous temples, forts, memorials, and palaces. There are two rocky islands which have the Vivekananda Rock Memorial built on and a Liberty esque statue of Thiruvalluvar. 

Muttom Beach

Thiruvalluvar Statue

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Gandhi Memorial

Just book your cheap airfares to India, and get ready to discover the amazing land of Kanyakumari!

By Andre Rasquinha

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Firstly a big thank you to you for organizing our holiday (to India). Andrea and I were very impressed with the set up .

Jason McDonnell, Albury (VIC)







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