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May 28, 2014

Relive Your Romance : Exotic Romantic Holiday Packages to India!

Given the busy life we lead  today, spending quality time together has become a real juggle. And when you do get some time at home – the phone rings, or there’s chores to do and the kids to be dropped and picked up. It’s difficult to make time.

We all need time to get away from it all. To refresh and revive and come back so that we can attack it with gusto once again. Romance too requires time There is nothing quite like travelling toto get the fires burning. Travel makes us realize what a big world is out there and that our problems are little in comparison.

There are lots of places in the world where you can rekindle your romance and enjoy some cozy time with your beloved. If you are willing to take your partner out on a romantic getaway then do try the romantic India package holiday. A trip to India will surely be exciting and choosing romantic destinations here, you will get to spend some amazing time together. Check out the various romantic India package holidays we have on offer:

Himalaya tour package: The picturesque snow-capped mountains that tower above you, deep valley, stunning  locations will simply take your breath away. A trip to the Himalayas and areas surrounding will revive your relationship and help love blossom.

Rajasthan tour package: One of the most romantic regions of India with its beautiful desserts and oases. With our Rajasthan tour packages you will get to witness royalty blended with sheer elegance and sophistication. The spectacular forts and historic palaces will leave you spellbound.

South India tour package: Nature lovers will find our south india tour packages irresistible. Explore beautiful places like Kerala, Mysore, Ooty and many more. Ot maybe the pristine beaches of Goa will make you fall in love all over again.

Contact us for a package that suits you and your loved one.


By Andre Rasquinha

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The journey I was about to undertake would not only  in geographical terms span vast distances over land and was an odyssey which would cover a period of over four hundred years and one in which I would try to establish a "connection" with my ancestors.

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Firstly a big thank you to you for organizing our holiday (to India). Andrea and I were very impressed with the set up .

Jason McDonnell, Albury (VIC)







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